Hawk-Seale Basics How it Works

Viewing Hawk Seale asphalt sealer after 18 years SD

Hawk-Seale Formula Penetrates the Asphalt Surface

Rejuvenating Asphalt Millings can be an economical alternative to high cost Hot Mix

Water Penetration Test on 2 year old asphalt with just one application

Breaking The Cycle of Failure and Repair will save your street budget $$$$ SD

Hawk-Seale Pothole Repair Preservation

Fast Application of Hawk-Seale Asphalt Sealer

Hawk-Seale can Seal Bike & Golf Cart Trails, Walking Paths, & Bunker silos & slats

Sealing Chip Seal, Micro Seal, and other surfaces with Hawk Seale

Hawk Seale will naturally EXPOSE specific areas needing more sealer


Frequently asked questions

What is pavement sealing?

For most property owners sealing pavement is applying a coating to their driveway or parking lot. The average over the counter coating does nothing to preserve the asphalt and only provides an aesthetic color to make it black again. Asphalt is like a sponge, it has fissures and voids which allow air and moisture the two most damaging elements to enter pavement. Air dries out the asphalt, allowing more moisture to enter the pavement which deteriorates the asphalt through evaporation in hot weather and from expansion as the moisture freezes. Hawk Seale is designed to fill these fissures and voids from the bottom up to prevent air and moisture from deteriorating the asphalt surface.

Can I seal my own asphalt driveway with Hawk Seale?

Yes, simply spray or roll the Hawk Seale solution on to the point of running off or puddling, we recommend three coats to fill the pavement from the bottom up. Normal application rate is .35 to .42 tenths gallon per square yard on average.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we discount multiple drum purchases after the 1st drum.  4 drum pallets are discounted to Tote quantity pricing. Totes are no longer offered.

Does Hawk Seale stand up in extreme cold or heat?

Once Hawk Seale has been absorbed into the pavement it is designed to flex with the change in temperature, it is not affected by extreme cold or heat.

How do I calculate how much Hawk Seale concentrate I need?

Simply email us at https://hawkseale.com with the dimensions and we can calculate quantity and cost for you. We will also send application and tool guides.

Take the length times width in feet for square feet-Divide the square feet by 9 for square yards-  Divide square yards by 11 for gallons of concentrate needed at the recommended 1 +/- gallon per square yard for millings.

Example:  100 x 10 = 1000 divided by 9 = 111.1.  Divide 111.1 by 11 equals 10.1 gallons of concentrate needed.
When sealing existing asphalt Multiply the gallons needed for millings by .35  Example 10,1 times .39 = 3.5 gallons of concentrate.

What type of equipment do I need to apply Hawk Seale

Hawk Seale does not require expensive equipment,  we are happy to send Application and Tool guides upon request.

Where can I find a local distributor?

We sell and ship directly to the customer. We do have a number of contractors/applicators who furnish and apply our products upon request.

How long will this help preserve my pavement?

Once Hawk Seale has been absorbed into the pavement it is impervious to the elements and does not break down.

How long will the millings hold up on a busy driveway, street, or parking area?

Asphalt needs traffic to keep it compressed, without traffic it opens up creating voids that take in more air and moisture and deteriorates the asphalt faster. Hawk Seale fills these voids with a copolymer base that stays flexible to prevent air and water from entering the pavement. Our first treated streets are now 27 years old with no or very little deterioration.

Do you have a return policy?

We do not, as we have no control of the dilution and mixing, the application process, the weather, or the condition of the surface or millings that Hawk Seale is applied to.

Can Hawk Seale be applied with a garden or lawn sprayer?

Lawn and Garden sprayers do not provide enough volume to saturate millings efficiently. Hawk Seale is an adhesive product and is not designed to be used in lawn and garden sprayers as it will leave a sticky residue.

What is the coldest temperature I can still apply Hawk Seale at?

For both sealing and re-bonding millings to millings we recommend a "Ground Temperature" of 60 degrees, rising, and above freezing during night time temperatures. Warmer temperatures will provide better penetration and compaction which is very important to getting a deep durable mat. Curing time for millings will also be reduced in warmer weather.

What is delivery time if I order today?

Once the invoice is paid, shipping time is 2-4 days in the continental US and Canada.

Do you ship overseas?

We currently only ship to the Continental US and Canada and Mexico.

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