Hawk Seale asphalt sealer

The "One Time" pavement sealer

Don't just cover the top of your pavement. Penetrate and fill ALL the crevices to seal your pavement from the bottom up.
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Hawk Seale the best investment in pavement maintenance


Seal your driveway and preserve it

Hawk Seal is designed to penetrate pavement filling the "fissures and voids"  to seal and PRESERVE your pavement permanently from the bottom up.

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Rejuvenate asphalt millings

A low cost alternative for driveways and parking lots

Hawk Sealed millings are a great alternative for higher cost "Hot Asphalt"  and is something you can do your self with cost savings. Millings has become a popular Low Cost Alternative for driveways and parking lots.

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Save up to 50% on city street maintenance

Sealing streets in good condition stops deterioration. Our first streets sealed 20-25 years ago are still in great condition!

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